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ЕЛЕКТРОЛУКС is a company existing since 1984 year. Its outset was based on maintenance and repairment of household appliances.

Almost 5 years successfully has been working on production of electric heaters and rubber products. Macedonian market has been covered up about 70% by our heaters. At a large part we are present with rubber products as well as the assortment of our electric elements.Within it's assortment of products and services it has been given a guaranty for all products and services accomplished.

There are a number of foreign companies by which it has been cooperating through the Balkan Peninsula like Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria, Kosovo and EU.
The Company fair's:

- Tehnoma Skopje 1997 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 1998 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 1999 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2000 year.
(Silver Medal)
- Tehnoma Skopje 2002 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2003 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2004 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2005 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2007 year.
- Expo Bitola 2004 year.
- Expo Bitola 2005 year.
- Expo Bitola 2006 year.

Medal and diploma from Makinova


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